Emeryville, afternoon

Emeryville, afternoon

I love scenes like this. At a glance, there’s not much here: a brick wall, a door, two trees and some grass and weeds. At a different time of day, this street is just as uninteresting as a blank page. Add the winter afternoon light and suddenly there is texture, color, shadow and contrast.

We drive past scenes like this every day, focused on the car in front of us taking too damned much time to move up another 2 feet at a red light. We hurry past on foot with our attention on a text message from so-and-so on our cell phones or fixated on the rhythm of a song.

Many of us pass the world by – not the other way around – never noticing the elaborate stage sets and light shows put on for us in silent hope that we will notice and take just a moment to appreciate.

I try to remember to look around, to see and appreciate what is here…while I’m here.

I’m subjected to the same distractions of progress and modern life as everyone else and am just as guilty of tunnel vision. But sometimes…sometimes I remember to look. Sometimes I see.

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