Street Photography Project, ‘Reading’

Got an idle moment?   Waiting to cross the street?  In an uncomfortable place and don’t know what else to do?  Get your cell phone out and have a look.

For this project, I’m out looking for people on the streets whose attention is on something other than their cell phones. Around these parts, that is not as easy as it might sound.  Take a look around as you’re out and about.

For the purposes of this project, the person/people must be outside.  They must not be seated at a cafe or dining establishment or other ‘safe’ spot to whip out the Chronicle and while away the hours.  The subject must be reading a newspaper, magazine, book or the like.  Pretty much anything other than staring at an electronic device.

These are among the results from the past two weeks. The project is ongoing and I’ll continue to post results here on the blog.  All of these were shot with a Fuji x100.

ImageLaundry Day at the Wishy Washy



9 thoughts on “Street Photography Project, ‘Reading’”

  1. Great images! Did you convert to b&w in post processing or use the b&w mode in the X100?

    Love the concept! Also love the fact you are using an X100. Gives me inspiration as I try to adjust to my X100S after 35+ years of shooting with SLR/DSLR cameras and zooms!!

    1. Hey Rich! Thank you. I shoot in RAW and then convert to black and white after the fact in Silver Efex Pro.

      It’s an adjustment, for sure, but a good one. The x100 is an excellent camera and I can only imagine that the s is even more so with all the fixes and enhancements. Glad you stopped by and liked some of what you saw.


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