What’s outside your window?

What's outside your window?

Outside our window is the whole wide world.

Then again. Outside. It can be a scary place. A big place. Once you’re out there, you could wind up virtually anywhere.

It’s so easy to stay in. To watch a movie, to surf the internet. To admire the photographs that other photographers make.

Falling into that trap is dangerous for me. I’m parallel-wired to be both a shut-in and a wanderer. Many times, the shut-in wins. The inner voice that tells me not to waste my time going out there to shoot. Your skills are lacking. You spend too much time with a camera and the results do not reflect the effort you expend. Just rest. Learn to relax better. Put the camera down.

My neighborhood is not conducive to walking, let alone walking while carrying a thousand or two dollars’ worth of photographic gear on me. Therefore, staying put once I’m home from work during the week is the default choice, even with the longer days courtesy of Daylight Savings. It’s too easy to ignore what’s outside in this amazingly beautiful part of the world I get to call home, instead settling for watching what ‘everybody else’ is seeing and sharing. Listening to the voice that says it’s a waste of time and that I’m tired and should stay home and recharge.

I DO get out and shoot. I just feel I could do more, more often. Granted, it’s occasionally at an unconventional hour, but it’s better than nothing. Staying out and heading for a likely place to shoot prior to heading home from work is a more workable solution. I’ll keep refining that mental path.

I will fight the good fight and keep at it, Newton’s First Law be damned. Unless I’m tired. Or it’s windy. Or….

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