Flora Grubb with Fujifilm X Pro 1 and Canon FD 50mm/1.4 SSC

A couple of months ago we stopped in at a spot we’d both been talking about visiting for some time.  That place is Flora Grubb – a little slice of gardening heaven.  Replete with a knowledgeable, friendly staff, a great selection of succulents, high- and low- light indoor and exterior plants, Ritual Coffee and a cat with eyes that shine like pale sapphires, this place is a must-see for decorators, gardeners, plant nerds and admirers of all things tasteful.

We spent the better part of an hour strolling the grounds, sipping at lattes and ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the well thought-out appointments throughout the interior and shaded exterior spaces.  I won’t spoil all of the fun for prospective visitors, but spotting an entire 60s-era car in the exterior section that is positively bristling with plants made me giggle like a kid.  The succulent centerpiece table (see below for images of both) is a masterpiece of simple, well thought-out beauty and craftsmanship.

I work in the plant business.  As such, I am familiar with many of the species I saw here at Flora Grubb because I see them regularly during the course of my work.  Usually, however, when I’m looking at a plant, it is with a critical eye in the context of how it appears to the client, whether it is being cared for properly, how it reflects on my business.  Here, I was able to see their beauty and appeal simply for their own sake.  I even managed to learn several things that I did not know prior to setting foot here in this quiet, beautifully-decorated and -appointed space thanks to Zeni, our very helpful guide.

If you’re in or near San Francisco, consider spending some time and money here rather than at the big box stores when it’s time to tackle that garden project or to add some live, green accents in your home.  It’s worth the drive, the plant and accessory selection is out of this world, parking is easy, it’s kid friendly and man…that cat’s eyes.

ImageImageFlora Grubb-7Flora Grubb-6 Flora Grubb-4 Flora Grubb-2Flora Grubb-11 Flora Grubb-3 Flora Grubb-10

10 thoughts on “Flora Grubb with Fujifilm X Pro 1 and Canon FD 50mm/1.4 SSC”

    1. Thank you! 🙂 The only thing missing that day was sunshine. We had overcast, so the lighting was definitely flat. We’re due for another trip before the fog descends on us for the summer!

  1. Great photos! I am interested in an FD lens for my X-T1 but wonder how it behaves re. “blooming” in highlights, which I have found is a problem with other lenses of the same ear like the Super-Tak 50/1.4. I don’t mind the flares, and often used t an effect, but the blooming seldom looks good. Do you find that the SSC coating is “up to it”?

    1. Thanks Jan. I know exactly what you’re talking about and can tell you that the 50/1.4 has some of that hazy, dreamy highlight glow at 1.4. By f2 it’s much reduced and 2.8 or a bit past it’s gone and the lens is very sharp. As with many older lenses, the coatings aren’t quite up to snuff with sunlight or bright, bright reflections directly striking the front element, but they’re fine the rest of the time.

      If you’re wanting to shoot wide open, you’re going to get that glow. The more the lens is stopped down, however, the better it gets. Another nice choice is the Minolta 55/1.7 that I posted about at about the same time. If you look at the top of the blog page you’ll see a link to that article. Another nice lens (that also glows a bit at wide apertures) that can be had often for less than $40.00 US.

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