Foggy Santa Barbara – a series in Black and White

We finally made the trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  After over a year of saying that we should, that we would, we did it!

My girlfriend graduated from college at UCSB and has a special place in her heart for Santa Barbara.  Having spent one evening there in some forgettable company many years ago, I was eager to see it again through the eyes of someone who had lived some of her formative years here.

We stayed at a hotel between East Beach and State Street down by the water and, although the weather was uncooperative for the most part, we spent a great deal of time walking and exploring (well, *I* was exploring – she knew exactly where she was going).

I really loved the proximity of everything on State Street:  Fine restaurants, funky bars, cafes, sidewalk bistros, shopping – it’s all around you.  The pace emanates a laid back feeling that caused me to slow my usual pace.  To actually FEEL like I was on vacation.  It was a good feeling.

The variety of architecture demands your attention.  Given Santa Barbara’s history, there is definitely a preponderance of adobe and terra cotta, but throughout the Lower State area there is enough variety to keep your eye entertained and shutter finger itchy.  For neon sign aficionados, there are several examples sprinkled about the area.

For this trip, I wanted to be a tourist and to have a light camera close to hand at all times.  The two cameras I brought were (as they have always been) perfect.  I found I preferred the x100 for its wider view and quiet shutter in interior spaces but the X Pro 1 performed admirably when I had it with me.  Images from both cameras are included below.  The X Pro 1 was equipped with the 35mm/1.4.

There was so much more to see and to do.  Next time maybe we’ll stretch it out by a couple more days.

Brooks Photography Gallery, x100

Writing the Return Address, Anacapa Post Office, x100

Balancing act – Father and Daughter at the train station, x100

Overcast, x100

Living wall at Hotel Indigo, State Street, x100

Whiskey Richards, State Street, x100
Cup of joe at Joe’s on State Street, X Pro 1
Tradition – photographs of yesteryear’s servers supervise today’s staff at Joe’s, X Pro 1

Courthouse, X Pro 1

Courthouse interior just before closing time, X Pro 1

Courthouse event prep – rolling in two tables at once, X Pro 1

First day at the skate park for the little guy, according to his dad, X Pro 1

Post office Detail, Anacapa Post Office, x100

Decisions, x100

#9, Meridian Studios, x100

Silhouettes, State Street/101 undercrossing, x100

Victor the Florist, x100

The courthouse in the evening – 180 degrees from Victor the Florist, x100

David (X Pro 1)

5 thoughts on “Foggy Santa Barbara – a series in Black and White”

  1. beautiful! i wonder how you do it without the children posing for a smile…usually when theysee a camera they drop their things (which was not what i had intended) and pose. i like the natural movement. all of your pictures look like glimpses of things. i love this album. i’m inspired to post mine as well. 😀 thanks for the inspiring post.

    oh by the way, b&w phtography has its good points, they really have a timeless appeal, like for example, i’m young at 25, but ever since i was 14, i’ve liked the classic mercedez benz…and that’s the same thing with b&w pictures. i love the play of light on textures, the roughness and the smoothness. i do enjoy catching a person in mid-motion, just like the instances in your later photographs. 😀

    truly looking at this takes the stress of work away.


  2. I have to ask:
    You went to gorgeous Santa Barbara and “THIS” is what you shot? Seriously? I love your BW images, but that place is a mecca for coastal, and architectural photography. Wow. I do hope you return and take advantage of the weather and the oh so many photo ops.

    1. Yes. “This” is what I shot. Seriously. Know how you can tell? Because I posted it. 🙂

      Remember the part of the blog post where I said that the weather was mostly uncooperative? Rather than take blah photos of a blah coast and/or flatly lit architecture in blah light – Mecca or not – I chose to try to make the most of the crummy light that was there.

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