Warm afternoon, cold beer, Lake Merritt.

Got to work early, and therefore off early today.  Decided to spend some time with a buddy over a cold beer or two before ending my day.  Living here has its benefits.  It is good to remember to enjoy the simple things when they are before you.  Very grateful to have been able to enjoy today’s warm, sunny afternoon and to have been able to share it with my friend, Scott.


2 thoughts on “Warm afternoon, cold beer, Lake Merritt.”

  1. Nice ‘slice of life’ series, Denis! Really enjoying your blog. Especially as I transition from a newspaper focus to a more personal focus. Just picked up a X100S as my daily carryaround and it is an unusual feeling to be walking around without a big DSLR (or two) with fast zoom on it. Thanks for the inspiration….

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Rich. I trust that the x100s will grow on you and will feel more and more like fun and less and less like work. Seeing is seeing, and you saw and shot for a living. Now you get to see and shoot for fun! I think the x100s will keep out of your way in that regard. I’ll keep watching your flickr feed for new images from the Fuji.

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