Black and White weekend wanderings in San Francisco

This weekend’s ‘out and about’ results from our wanderings about the city.  The weather has been incredible with temperatures hitting 80 degrees in the Mission.  Sunday morning featured a torrential downpour that lasted about 5 minutes that had us seeking cover inside the Whole Foods at 17th and Rhode Island, but the rain was soon on its way elsewhere and we continued our walk.

Destinations included the Coffee Bar on Bryant (, Trick Dog ( and Front Coffee (  Enjoy!

His friends were late, or he was early.

Caitlin at Trick Dog

A laugh, Valencia Street

Illuminated, Coffee Bar

Precision, Front Coffee

Discount Socks, Front Coffee

One thought on “Black and White weekend wanderings in San Francisco”

  1. Wish we could get some nice weather. The whole weekend was rained out driving the world inside. Probably just as well as I had to install a new kitchen sink my wife had been asking for since we moved to the new house.

    Anyhow, love the images. Such ‘slice of life’ context!!

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