A May afternoon

A May afternoon

Shot this yesterday on my way back into the city after a drive up to Napa.

I return to this spot whenever the opportunity arises and the weather is favorable as I think it offers one of the best views of the bridge in the area.

Everyone and their brother drives up to Hawk Hill and photographs the bridge with the city skyline in the background. While it’s no doubt a beautiful vista, the fact that there are tens of thousands of these images online causes me to avoid the area when I’m in the mood to photograph the bridge.

There are many fewer images of the bridge looking north from atop the bluff. I prefer the foreground interest afforded here by these grasses and of course my friend the dead tree which is not present in this shot:


4 thoughts on “A May afternoon”

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I have a couple from yesterday that are shot from the same or a similar spot with that tree in the frame, but for today decided to post something a bit different.

    1. Thanks, Steven. Unintentional, but it occurred to me. My usual routine is to fret (no pun intended) about how to keep the branches from breaking up the lines of the suspension cables. I like your thinking, though!

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