A New Street Photography Project – Closed

As an avid street shooter, photographing interesting people is second nature.  I compose and shoot (or just compose) constantly.  This project occurred to me on the way home last night.  The idea of contrasting my usual black and white street work with empty space – and in color – immediately stood out.  

During the day and into the evening, these places are full of people of every description.  After hours, the starkness – and indeed, beauty – of their emptiness called out to me.  These spots are all located in the Mission District/Castro and all are 18th Street.  Hope you enjoy.


Cafe DoloresImagePizzeria Farina

ImageThe Apartment



San Francisco Street Photography, 17 June 2013

Some fantastic light in the late afternoon.  Today wasn’t so much about finding perfectly lit, incredible subjects in unique or once-in-a-lifetime compositions but rather about getting a handle on my OM-D and capturing some of the light and scenery.  

ImageGamsImageBus StopImageCan’t Teach Cool.ImageLit.ImageHomeward.ImageSmiles.ImageRun!ImageStairs.ImageWalking by.ImageThe Palace.