San Francisco Street Photography, 17 June 2013

Some fantastic light in the late afternoon.  Today wasn’t so much about finding perfectly lit, incredible subjects in unique or once-in-a-lifetime compositions but rather about getting a handle on my OM-D and capturing some of the light and scenery.  

ImageGamsImageBus StopImageCan’t Teach Cool.ImageLit.ImageHomeward.ImageSmiles.ImageRun!ImageStairs.ImageWalking by.ImageThe Palace.

11 thoughts on “San Francisco Street Photography, 17 June 2013”

  1. Nice images – I thought you were doing a comparision between the OMD and the X100 – Is this still happening ? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Rich – most with the 17mm/1.8 (34mm equiv). The geometric staircase and the man walking across the dark frame were with the 14mm/2.5 (28mm) and an adapted Canon nFD 50mm/1.4 (100mm), respectively.

    1. I find it MUCH more responsive than the X Pro 1 or X100. I don’t miss shots because of the slow focusing of the X cameras. Or rather, the OM-D focuses so much faster than the other two that it stays out of the way when it comes to capturing an image. The Fujis both perform very well within their limitations and produce gorgeous images, but there is no arguing that the OM-D’s autofocus speed is head and shoulders faster as well as being very accurate – both critical components for the type of shooting I do. I do miss the aperture and shutter speed dials of the X Pro 1/X100 but the OM-D’s dials make sense. After a couple of weeks of shooting with the Olympus I think I’m proficient in speedy changes in shutter speed/aperture so that it’s just a different experience rather than one that was slowing me down.

      I was worried about a substantial loss in image quality in making a transition like this to a smaller sensor. While the micro 4/3 sensor doesn’t produce as shallow a depth of field even with its fast glass, the images coming out of this camera are fantastic with great depth and detail.

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