6 thoughts on “San Francisco Street Photography, 22 June 2013”

  1. Loving the first shot. Tough shot given the range of light. Really like the bar tender…the photo I mean…though I am sure she is very nice too.

  2. Thanks, George! I liked her voice and the tone in which she was telling the story. Pretty bawdy, as I recall. The RAWs from the OM-D are pretty malleable. Not quite as much so as those from the X100, but they stand up to quite a bit of pushing and pulling. I did (as usual) some post on this image to get things how I wanted them to look, but OOC it wasn’t as far off from this as one might imagine.

  3. That is one of the things I like about my X100S and that is the dynamic range. Makes post processing easy in comparison to my old Nikons. Hearing you talk about “pushing and pulling” reminds me of Ansel Adams and how he did things like this in a wet darkroom.

    Oh, I also like the bartender shot! The low POV works really well. Works well in the last image, too!!

    1. Absolutely, Rich. The OM-D’s files get a bit noisy a bit sooner than those from the X100, but not much. More incentive to get it closer to what I want in camera. 🙂 Thanks for the thoughts!

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