From 2011? 2012?

From 2011?  2012?

If your mom was like my mom, she had a Drawer.

The Drawer contained any number of miscellaneous (junk) items: coins, twist-ties, crumbs of bread, vegetable seed packets, combs (a dozen, maybe), a screwdriver, bobby pins, a curler or two…and your entire childhood captured on undeveloped rolls of film left to languish in obscurity. I wonder what happened to all of that film. My brother and I sure as hell never saw the prints.

I am my mother’s son in this respect.

I shot two rolls of 120 film through my Yashica Mat in late 2011 or early 2012. I procrastinated having them developed (it’s too expensive, you didn’t get anything worthwhile, it’s too expensive, it’s a pain in the ass to send the film out to get developed, it’s too expensive, you’ll get around to it later, etc.) for what has become years until finally, last week, I said ENOUGH and sent the rolls off to for processing.

This shot and one or two others from the 12-exposure roll really made me remember what I love about film in general and Ilford XP2 in particular: those inky blacks and lovely skin tones. The depth of field control. The fact that enough time had passed that I had absolutely no idea what was on either of the two rolls that had been hanging out patiently in The Drawer. Jen’s hair was long. That afternoon at Baker Beach with the bottle of Chimay and the sunset and the lights coming up on the Golden Gate Bridge. Surreptitiously setting up my camera on the bar at the Public House during a Monday Night Football game, fine-tuning focus while looking straight down into that gorgeous viewfinder and snapping this shot.

I need to pick up some more XP2. Next time, the film will go out for developing straightaway. Maybe.

3 thoughts on “From 2011? 2012?”

  1. Winogrand’s drawer must have been a right mess. I confess to two undeveloped films – both most likely from the early 80’s when I lived in LA. Since we moved house last year I am not sure where they are now.

    1. Hah! I was lucky enough to be able to see the Winogrand exhibit at the SF MoMA with my family in May before the museum closed. My kids loved it.

      Hundreds of thousands of negatives undeveloped…maybe I’ll go easier on myself. 😉

  2. I still develop my own film (just 35mm not 120) and only shoot Tri-X anymore. I still get a thrill when I open the can to see if there is anything actually on the celluloid!

    Oh, love the shot! His posture, the blurred background elements, it all seems to say either “I am bored” or “My life sucks!”

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