Where I’ve been, and where the OM-D went.

Few words, lots of pictures. Life is good.

I grew more and more frustrated with my X Pro 1 and 35mm/1.4 combo as time went on (I’d owned it for a year as of June first). I missed too many moments because I relied on the autofocus system of the camera and decided it was time to try something else. I traded away the X Pro 1 for an OM-D EM5 plus a couple of lenses (the 17 and 25).

That camera is FAST. Autofocus has been described as blazing. Instantaneous. It’s faster than that. 🙂 The camera is also tiny. A flip out, touch-screen LCD. Excellent. In-body, 5 axis image stabilization. Excellent. Why didn’t it make the cut? Well, the image quality sort of left me flat. I would never say that the images looked bad, they just didn’t really appeal to me. I got some great photos with the camera, like the shots below of which I’m particularly fond.

In the end, though, the little camera that does so many things well just didn’t get it done for me. It is an excellent little package, but there were some niggles that wouldn’t go away. I have sold the OM-D and jumped back to Fuji with an XE-1 and the stellar 18-55 zoom. I also kept nearly all of the legacy glass adapters when I moved the X Pro 1, so I have a decent selection of manual focus primes from which to choose, still. The 50/1.4 FD and 35/2.5 FL Canon glass I own have been revived with Fuji’s addition of focus peaking to the camera’s repertoire via firmware. I find the peaking function – when paired with the higher resolution of the XE-1’s Electronic Viewfinder where compared with that of the X Pro 1 – to make using manual glass much simpler and more rewarding.

So au revoir, OM-D, and thank you for the fun time.

El Músico


Prepared for any eventuality

Image7th Street, Oakland

Serving one’s self

ImageComstock Saloon

4 thoughts on “Where I’ve been, and where the OM-D went.”

  1. Gotta agree w/themofman. The camera is just a tool. It is your vision that makes it work. But, after selling all my DSLR gear, I have added a X-E1 w/35mm 1,4 to my stable of cameras. And it was the focus peaking that got me to get one to pair up with my X100S. While I don’t have a ton of legacy glass to use with it, I hope to be able to try out some various rangefinder lenses from Nikon, Canon, and Leica along with maybe trying some Jupiter/Industar stuff. People talk about the “character” and “personality” those lenses.

    My favorite of the above shots is the last one of the lady. I just love the light & shadow play in that one…

    1. Hey Rich, you’re running out of hands for those cameras! 😛 I have been pretty happy with the zoom so far. In low light/at night it’s not going to be very useful and in those moments I’ve missed the 35/1.4, but not that much.

      I’ve been pretty satisfied with the FD glass when it comes to legacy. They can be had for less than the contemporary Nikon and certainly Leica glass because they can’t be used on current digital bodies without a PITA adapter with optics to make up the difference in register distance. I had until recently a 24/2.8 that I used a lot. It wasn’t the sharpest and it smeared the corners but for 35mm equivalent at 60 bucks it did the trick. I read good things about the 15mm voigtlander on the X series if you’re looking for wide (no smeared corners). The adapters are plentiful on eBay – it doesn’t matter which ones you buy. I go direct to rainbowimaging’s website and save a couple more bucks (they ship from within the US, so you get them quick). Look forward to your observations.

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