Pillar Point Harbor with XE-1, a series in black and white

I grew up just across highway one from the harbor and have visited here many times.  I still live close enough to make frequent trips to Half Moon Bay and count myself fortunate to be able to do so.

In the summer, the coast is frequently fogged in in the afternoon which puts a damper on photography.  Occasionally, however, the fog stands off in a most agreeable fashion and we get treated to a wonderfully warm, sunny late afternoon.

Half Moon Bay-5
Rock labyrinth

Half Moon Bay-13
No really, keep out.

Half Moon Bay-12
North of the harbor fishing

Half Moon Bay
Out for a row

Half Moon Bay-11
Iceplant and golf ball

Half Moon Bay-10
North breakwater

Half Moon Bay-9
North breakwater and sea wall

Half Moon Bay-8

Half Moon Bay-4
Slow shutter

3 thoughts on “Pillar Point Harbor with XE-1, a series in black and white”

      1. Still getting used to it. I think one of the things I need to do is leave my X100S at home and just take the X-E1/35mm combo out for a spin. I have gotten used to the simplicity that a single focal length brings after shooting with just the X100S for a couple of months. There is something about being able to really focus on a particular FOV that I am finding very satisfying. It has slow me down from what I felt I needed to do for newspaper work. I am shooting less but many of the images are more satisfying.

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