PDX with Canon Canonet QL17 GIII

I love Portland.  Especially when it’s not raining cats and dogs, or just plain grey.  

We lucked out with the weather again – this is the 3rd or 4th trip up where we’ve had spectacular weather.  We stayed with wonderful friends at their beautiful home in Southeast Portland, Jen and I walked the Pearl District and held hands and made googly eyes at each other, we ate great food (if someone asks you to dinner at Olympic Provisions, the answer is YES) and I even got to go on a commercial photo shoot with my cousin Brian Lincoln, who is a working professional photographer.  

Speaking of Brian, he taught me a lot just by letting me hang out with him in his studio for a few hours.  We talked light, we talked photography, we talked enjoyment and we even talked a bit of gear.  So appreciative to get to spend some quality time with him.  Not just family, but a great friend.

And now?  Film photography with this little beauty:

Canon Canonet with ND4 filter and bitchen square hood

Porch Light

Porch Light 2 of 2

Under the 405

Tanner Springs Park, Fremont Bridge in background


Dolls at Cargo

Horse-Dog-Wolf at Cargo

Reading at Barista

Jen pointedly ignores the camera at Keen

Lizard Lounge doodads

Space Invader, Irving Street

Window light reading, Powell’s


8 thoughts on “PDX with Canon Canonet QL17 GIII”

    1. Hey thanks. 🙂 The hood is actually a bad fit unless I wanted to glue the rubber piece in place, which I don’t. I found the idea here:


      But couldn’t find the correct part. I thought I had spotted one on Ebay but upon receiving it it wasn’t. I did some surgery and managed to stuff the rubber bit on there, but it falls off easily and isn’t practical. Looks great, though!

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