Most Excellent People Watching (oh and Coffee, too!) at Philz Coffee, 24th and Folsom







I recommend the Mojito iced coffee for those warm days we’re all familiar with out here in the Mission.  

Philz is a crossroads for people shooting street photography in these parts.  I saw a Leica M9, a Fuji X100s and an X Pro 1 in the 30 minutes or so that we were here.

Community table (where there is no community)

Momentarily forgotten cell phone

The tall pour


5 thoughts on “Most Excellent People Watching (oh and Coffee, too!) at Philz Coffee, 24th and Folsom”

    1. I didn’t mean to imply that there was an actual meeting but rather that paths of street shooters seemed to cross here. The fellow with the M9 I nodded to (my eyes went: camera, his eyes, nod). That was as close to a conversation as occurred while I was there. 🙂

  1. I especially like the second image, Denis. Great to see someone reading a newspaper! For a former news shooter, that inspires hope in the younger generation!!!

    1. Amen, Rich. Paper is disappearing. I have a street photography series entitled, ‘Reading’ in which all of the subjects are reading actual paper of some kind. Here in San Francisco, the number of people with their noses stuck to their phone is staggering. To make matters worse, people have begun walking down the crowded streets texting, scrolling, emailing, etc. without a clue of their surroundings. I refuse to get out of their way. Makes for some interesting exchanges. 😉

      1. Seems like I remember you posting several images from your “Reading” series over the time I have followed your blog, Denis. This one is a nice addition to the series!!!

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