Time Change – Long Exposure

Time Change - Long Exposure

This is a 7 and a half minute exposure shot on Marshall’s Beach on March 9, just after the sun set. We were hoping for one of those magical, light-up-the-sky type sunsets as there were high altitude storm clouds coming in, but we didn’t get that kind of show. The clouds in motion add that signature streaking in the sky as they made their way through the frame. There was a cargo ship that passed through the bridge while the shutter was open but the small aperture plus two ND filters made its presence a moot point.

6 thoughts on “Time Change – Long Exposure”

  1. You have all the right scene elements to make such a beautiful long exposere like this.

    The typical shot off of a warf or dock is nice but overdone. More compositions like this is what’s needed in long exposures.

  2. I’m thinking of going here tomorrow with my Sony a7 amd 16-35 with a 10-stop filter. I have a Nikon d750 amd all the fancy lenses but I can’t carry that camera down the stairs. This is beautiful! Were you up in the steps?

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for all of the kind comments. This shot was done on the beach with a 35mm equivalent focal length lens some time after the sun set. Good luck on your trip. I hope you get some good light!

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