Road Trip to Bodie and Mono Lake with XE-1, X Pro 1 and that Magical 14mm

We took a lonnnng road trip yesterday – left SF at 7:00 a.m., returned (and promptly fell into bed) after midnight.

Bodie was fantastic. The road once the pavement ends is, well, not fantastic, but well worth the dust and bumps to get where you’re going. The amount of ‘stuff’ around is just astounding. We had a nice, thin layer of high clouds that cut the light enough to soften some of the shadows and made for nice shooting conditions during our visit.

We left Bodie with enough time to get to Mono Lake to catch the sunset. The last time I was there was October of last year during the fall color season (the Aspens are almost entirely bare now across Highway 108 and down 395) and there were hordes of people all traveling the same route and descending on Mono Lake’s South Tufa area for the sunset. I am not exaggerating when I say there must have been 75 people piled up at one spot to shoot the sunset (and I was one of them, albeit peripherally).

This time it was maybe 15 people total, ourselves included.

The sun dipped behind the mountains just after we got down to the beach – so much for our timing – but the after-sunset light show was otherworldly.