Point Reyes and Drakes Beach

Finally!  A blog entry!

I spent last Sunday on a solo trek out to Point Reyes and visited Drakes Beach for the first time.  The weather was incredible for ‘Winter’ at what felt like 70+ degrees.  Then again, Winter means very little here to those of us in the Golden State.

I arrived in the late afternoon to get the lay of the land and scout out where I might want to shoot as the sun set and the light grew softer.  Once the show starts (i.e. the light softens), there’s precious little time to work, particularly in contrast to how long it seemed to take for the darned sun to get low enough in the sky for things to start getting interesting.

I came away from this day alone refreshed and almost satisfied with the images I’d made.  I hope you enjoy them. Drakes Beach Last Light split stripes rush Drakes Estero

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