The Bluffs above Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

I spend a lot of time at this cypress grove above the beach at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

I’ve walked here with Jen, with the kids, all 4 of us together, by myself.  It is both a destination and a waypoint on our treks down the coast for the day or for brunch to our hometown of Half Moon Bay.  For some reason I never knew of this place until Jen showed it to me a few years ago.  She called it one of her favorite haunts from when, as she puts it, she was an angst-filled teenager.

A few weeks ago on a different visit, I lost and subsequently found my keys about 150 feet from the spot where this photo was taken.  I only found them after retracing my steps around the quarter mile or so loop I’d walked around the grove.  When I did ‘find’ them, it was as much by accident as was losing them in the first place:  I stepped directly on the keys while framing a shot after having given up my search and was forlornly waiting for Jennifer to arrive with the spare.

The light here is always different and is often breathtaking. Some features have disappeared – the ring of fallen trees shaped into a corral has been taken down. Several trees are marked for felling. The foliage ebbs and flows with the seasons.

It feels like home.

bw cypress tunnel