Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve had a camera of some kind in my hand since my dad handed me a Pentax K1000 and a roll of cheapo Fuji 400 when I turned 16.  San Francisco is home, wherever it is that my head hits the pillow.  I’m in love with its people, culture and vibe.

I shoot for my own enjoyment.  Street photography is the itch I can’t quite scratch.  There are too many amazing people in this town doing too many incredible things.  Double negative incoming:  I try not to photograph people who aren’t doing something.  If you’re in San Francisco and want to be sure not to appear in one of my images, be one of those countless people staggering around the city staring at their phones.  Stay out of great light.  Hide by not participating.

Each image should tell a story.  That’s my criteria.  I do my absolute best to infuse every image with a bit of humor, a sense of inquisitiveness and a massive respect for the subject whom I portray as the protagonist of the shot in which they appear.

I’ve had a couple of landscape/postcard type photographs published in separate publications.  That was totally unexpected and reinforces my passion to shoot for shooting’s sake. The art is the reward. Recognition is great but, at the end of the day, the shot is the thing.

Mostly I shoot to document my way through this alternately repetitive and wondrously exciting life.  I shoot a lot.  Much of it is crap or doesn’t translate from my head to what appears in the shot.  I was one of those kids that got really excited about random small stuff that no one noticed or cared about.   I didn’t listen to the people who said that those things weren’t worth paying attention to.

Small stuff makes big stuff.  Life is short. Pay attention.


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