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Architecture, San Francisco

Couple of images I made today and yesterday in the Financial District.  The first, ‘Gap,’ is a 15 second long exposure shot in daylight with a 10-stop ND filter looking straight up as the fog began creeping across the sky.

The second, entitled ‘Illusory Support,’ has the potential to be a bit of a mind bender.  Most of what you’re looking at is a reflection of the buildings behind the camera.   What caught my eye as I walked by is that these columns inside the window appear to support the building reflected ‘above’ them.

Both shot with Fujifilm X100, post in LR5 and Silver Efex Pro.


Illusory Support

At the Oakland Post Office

At the Oakland Post Office

Really enjoying the images from the Fuji x100. It’s such a capable little camera and its images are rich and full of character.

The 23mm lens is just the right length for almost everything I want to do with a camera, hence all the work with my X Pro 1 and its 24mm manual focus lens.

This shot was from a walk through the downtown Oakland Post Office this evening just as the sun was setting. The light was fading and the fluorescents were just starting to take effect in these post office box alcoves – there are seven or eight of them along the length of the interior of the building.

I really was hoping to come upon someone standing at one of these gorgeous glass-topped tables sorting through their mail or filling out a form, but it was close to closing time and there was no one around.