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Reading – The Utopia Experiment and The Catcher in the Rye

Reading - The Utopia Experiment and The Catcher in the Rye

From an ongoing street photography project entitled simply, ‘Reading.’

The basic premise of the project is that fewer and fewer people are reading printed media.  Instead we tend to be engrossed in our phones or tablets more often than not. This is particularly true in San Francisco where I work and spend a good deal of my free time.

It has become somewhat of a sport within my hobby capturing people reading a book or newspaper ‘in the wild,’ i.e. not at a coffee house or other safe location to sit and read.

The man in the foreground is reading The Utopia Experiment by Kyle Mills/Robert Ludlum and the woman behind him is reading The Catcher In The Rye by (duh) JD Salinger.

More about it here


Street Photography Project, ‘Reading’

Got an idle moment?   Waiting to cross the street?  In an uncomfortable place and don’t know what else to do?  Get your cell phone out and have a look.

For this project, I’m out looking for people on the streets whose attention is on something other than their cell phones. Around these parts, that is not as easy as it might sound.  Take a look around as you’re out and about.

For the purposes of this project, the person/people must be outside.  They must not be seated at a cafe or dining establishment or other ‘safe’ spot to whip out the Chronicle and while away the hours.  The subject must be reading a newspaper, magazine, book or the like.  Pretty much anything other than staring at an electronic device.

These are among the results from the past two weeks. The project is ongoing and I’ll continue to post results here on the blog.  All of these were shot with a Fuji x100.

ImageLaundry Day at the Wishy Washy