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The Dogpatch on Portra, a short Photo Essay

Photographs from a recent early morning wander through the neighborhood on the way to work. Leica M4, 35mm Summicron, Kodak Portra 400.


Time Change – Long Exposure

Time Change - Long Exposure

This is a 7 and a half minute exposure shot on Marshall’s Beach on March 9, just after the sun set. We were hoping for one of those magical, light-up-the-sky type sunsets as there were high altitude storm clouds coming in, but we didn’t get that kind of show. The clouds in motion add that signature streaking in the sky as they made their way through the frame. There was a cargo ship that passed through the bridge while the shutter was open but the small aperture plus two ND filters made its presence a moot point.

Fuji XE-1, Lens Turbo and Helios 58/2 on a rainy night in San Francisco

It has been a while since part one of my Lens Turbo/Helios experiment.  I really haven’t been shooting very much for myself lately and, when I do, I admit to preferring my X100.  The ‘standard’ field of view is just not how my eye sees, particularly for street photography.  Even so, I was excited to wander around in the rain last night between the Mission and Powell Street Station with nothing to do but walk and shoot.

It wasn’t raining terribly hard so I didn’t use an umbrella.  Neither did I coddle the camera.  I had it in my hand with the lens pointed down and partially protected by my bag, but it was exposed to the drizzle and it performed just fine.

One thing I’ve noticed with the Helios M44-4 is that the thing ghosts like crazy with any glare on the lens.  Add to that the Lens Turbo’s tendency to flare and, well, you might well get some ghosting and flaring.  I enjoy shooting the XE-1 with manual focus lenses and this one is no different.  It produces very interesting (some would say distracting) ‘swirly’ bokeh, some of which can be seen in the images below.

I wish I could say I loved the 50-60mm focal length, because this one is a great piece of glass, regardless of price.  I just like to shoot wider.  Makes for a fun toy though and performs well in very low light.  Most of these are shot at either 1600 or 3200 with shutter speeds between 1/60 and 1/250, handheld.